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Winter Plants

In India, winter is the best time to grow many various species of gorgeous blooming annuals. The seeds of winter flowering annuals area unit planted in October-November. Some seedlings virtually hibernate throughout the cold months of Gregorian calendar month & January & begin growing as shortly because the spring sets in.

The Top 10 Winter Plants are:

1. Alyssum: The low growing plants that branch freely with sometimes white flowers that area unit honey scented. The compact plant sounds like a carpet of flowers.
2. asterid dicot genus (Snapdragon): Branching annual with varied flowering spikes, largely of crimson or white colour. several different colourful sorts of flower area unit used for bedding and pot culture.
3. Aster: China Aster is a wonderful cut flower. The flower heads are available in many various sizes, varieties & colours.
4. flower (Pot Marigold): The flowers vary from straw colour to deep orange. This single or double seed plant is beneficial for bedding, potting & for window boxes.
5. Clarkia: A hardy annual with slender branches & enticing long spikes of flowers. It may be an adult plant.
6. mcaryophylloid dicot genus (Sweet William): Double or single sweet-smelling, colourful flowers area unit born at the highest of the branches in rounded clusters. The plant is appropriate for beds, borders, rock gardens, or window boxes.
7. Hollyhock: This is a tall majestic annual. the massive flowers area unit born within the axis of leaves right along the length of the stem. Hollyhocks may be used as a background plant, screen, open house shrubbery or annual border.
8. Larkspur: It is an awfully in style blue/mauve-purple/pink cut flower. The plant is adult as the background or before of a tall hedge or border & in pots.
9. Pansy: The beautiful butterfly-like flowers area unit offered in most reminder colours & their combos & blotchy, variegated, marked, stripped in contrastive colours. These low growing plants thrive well below the shade of different tall plants.
10. Petunia: The petunias area unit the foremost in style, loveliest & a valuable race of garden plants. The flowers are trumpet-shaped & are also tiny or giant. Petunias area unit classified into many various forms of flowers.

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