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Plants For AC Rooms

AC conditioning system is an efficient way to quickly cool down or warm up a room, but this temperature changing process is not always easy on indoor plants. Not all plants can survive in AC rooms.

Every species of indoor plant is different, and each variety depends on different living conditions.Factors that affect your indoor plants include the brightness of light, amount of water, temperature, humidity, drainage and potting. Your air conditioning system can easily affect some of these conditions. For example, drastic temperature changes in the room can affect certain varieties of indoor plant.

Similarly, as the temperature of a room increases, the relative humidity in the air will fall, which could quickly upset some potted plants.So, we have created a group of plants that can survive the AC condition. You can select plants to decorate your AC rooms with worrying too much about their caring. These plants can easily tolerate the temperature fluctuation because of AC.These plants will definitely make your indoor space more attractive and also helps in removing harmful toxins.


Plants for AC Room

Indoor plants will facilitate boost your mood, productivity and creativity; they will additionally scale back stress. During this vein, our HVAC technicians typically receive questions on the simplest plants for cool homes.

Today, we’re sharing the simplest indoor plants for air conditioned rooms.This spring think about transferring your agriculture within for a monumental mood booster.

Best sorts of Plants

The types of plants we’re sharing nowadays do best inside with controlled temperature and humidness levels. Bonus, they’re additionally terribly low maintenance. We’ve done the analysis, and these squares measure the simplest indoor plants for AC treated homes.

Snake Plant – The bowstring hemp may be a tropical plant, however it will stand up to drought, creating it a perfect indoor plant. It doesn’t want direct lightweight and snake plants ought to solely be patterned once per week.

Spider Plant – The Cleome hassleriana will tolerate scores of abuse. which means it’s terribly simple to worry for and a really venial plant. They have some indirect lightweight and solely water once the soil is dry.

ZZ Plant – ZZ plants, additionally called Zamioculcas zamiifolia, may be a bright, lovely plant which will stand up to low-light conditions and solely desires a really bit of watering. simply make sure to stay them faraway from pets and youngsters as a result of the ZZ plant is deadly if ingested.

Rubber Plant – If you’re searching for massive foliage, Assam rubber is that the thanks to go. It’s an outsized, lush plant that doesn’t get to be patterned too typically. This one desires additional indirect daylight than the others, therefore a spot around a window would be ideal.

Best Placement There’s a method plants and land square measure similar; location matters. notwithstanding what quantity you mist or water your plants, if they’re placed directly before an associate degree AC vent, they're going to dry out and doubtless stop growing. Some plants want daylight, some don’t. It’s best to examine what quantity sun your plant is obtaining throughout the day and modify its location if required.

Also, if you notice any leaves turning yellow and weakening, it may mean some things:-

1.Your plant is obtaining an excessive amount of or insufficient sunlight;
2.Your plant is obtaining an excessive amount of air
3.Your plant is overwatered. Care and Maintenance As we tend to mention higher than, it's terribly attainable to overwater your plants.

In fact, that’s one in every of the foremost common mistakes householders build in terms of plant care. For the plants listed higher than, you shouldn’t overwater them, however you ought to mist the leaves each day. several of those plants collect wetness in their leaves and disperse that wetness to the remainder of the plant. Oftentimes, AC will dry out these leaves, inflicting the plant to suffer.

By misting the plants each day—all you would like may be a very little spray bottle—you’re keeping your plants happy, healthy, and thriving. Another factor to notice is ensuring you’re victimising potting soil.

This soil can facilitate wetness management and plant disease. Humidity Levels One of the first functions of the associate degree cooling system is to get rid of humidness from your home. whereas this could not jive with the care and keeping of most houseplants; with care, those we’ve shared higher than will thrive during a but wet home. you'll run into problems—with each the plants and your AC—if the humidness levels square measure too high.

If you notice your air is heavier than usual otherwise you smell one thing musty within the air, it’s time to decide associate degree HVAC technician to envision everything out.

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