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Plants Absorb CO2 at Night

Deserts have a very hot climate and receive very less rainfall annually. Desert Plants prepare food by photosynthesis but their stomata remains open during night time and absorb CO2 from the air during the night time. However, each time a plant opens its pores, some water is lost.

If this happens frequently during daytime, high temperatures will cause the water to evaporate quickly. To prevent this, the desert plants do not open their pores for carbon dioxide until the sun goes down.Unlike other plants, cactus and succulent plants give off oxygen at night as well - so they’re great for indoor placements.The biggest benefit to incorporating these Co2 plants into your residences and offices resulted into improvement of air quality. Apart from that they also add a splash of beauty to balconies, patios, walls, fences & window sills with durable, lightweight pot / planters and hanging baskets too. Apart from this keeping plants around you will always provide health benefits and help you to increase positivity and productivity also.