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Palms n Cycads

Cycads are an ancient group of tropical and subtropical plants that have existed since the age of dinosaurs. They dominated the earth then, but are now endangered. There are more than 200 cycad species.

Palms are a very important group of plants, primarily throughout the tropics, but also extending into cooler areas.Palms and cycads are very versatile in the landscape. Some types of palms have a single trunk and can be used as solitary specimen plants while others are clumping and are used in groups.


Grouping together palms of the same species or with plants other than palms makes an interesting tropical landscape. Multi-trunk palms make excellent specimen or accent plants.Cycads can also make wonderful specimen plants or can be used along with palms or many other plants to create a tropical landscape. The sago palm (Cycasrevoluta) is grown in the eastern part of the state.Although palm-like in appearance, sago palms are not true palms but are primitive plants called cycads. They grow slowly and can be easily overgrown by other nearby plants in the landscape, if not provided adequate spacing.