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Lantana Plants

Lantana, or shrub verbena, grow as an evergreen or deciduous shrub.The flowers may be yellow, orange, white, red and purple, and often colors are mixed within the same cluster, creating a bicolored effect.There are several varieties available that offer a multitude of colors.

Depending on the region and type grown, Lantana plants can be treated as annuals or perennials.The overall size of Lantana varies. In warm southern climates, Lantana can be considered a perennial or tropical shrub and can grow 10 feet tall. However, the plant is treated as an annual in most climates and still reaches almost 3 feet in one growing season.Some varieties of Lantana have a trailing habit, perfect for spilling over a container or hanging basket Wide colorful selections of Lantana Plants are perfect for hanging containers, flower boxes or for making a stunning splash in your garden. Lantana can be grown in borders, mixed beds, and containers. Plant trailing varieties can also be grown in hanging baskets. In the Deep South, large varieties of Lantana can be used as shrubs. And don’t forget to add Lantana to your hummingbird and butterfly gardens.

Lantana Camara Plant online

It is a species of flowering plant at intervals the Verbenaceae, native to the American tropics. As an ornamental, plant camara is usually cultivated inside, or terribly very conservatory, however can also thrive throughout a garden with comfortable shelter. It unfolds from its native Central and South America to around fifty countries, wherever it's become an invasive species. plant camara is also a little perennial bush which can grow to around a pair of tall and kind dense thickets in an passing reasonably environments, because of intensive selective breeding throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth Centuries to be used as an ornamental plant, there square measure currently many different camara plant cultivars. it's thought of to be a weed in giant areas of the Paleotropics wherever it's established itself.

In agricultural areas or secondary forests it will become the dominant understory bush, setting out alternative native species and reducing diversity. The formation of dense thickets of Lantana camara plant will considerably hamper the regeneration of forests by preventing the enlargement of recent trees. Lantana camara reduces the productivity in pasture through the formation of dense thickets, that cut back growth of crops additionally as build harvest home harder. Their square measure secondary impacts, together with the finding that in Africa, mosquitos that transmit protozoal infection and tsetse fly flies shelter at intervals the bushes of poisonous plant camara.

Uses of Lantana camara stalks square measure utilized within the development of pieces of furniture, like chairs and tables; but the foremost uses have traditionally been healthful and ornamental.

Use in Medicine- Studies conducted in Asian nations have found that Lantana plant leaves will show antimicrobial, agent and insecticidal properties. camara has conjointly been utilized in ancient seasoning medicines for treating a variety of ailments, together with cancer, skin itches, leprosy, chicken pox, measles, respiratory disease and ulcers.

Ornamental- Lantana Camara has been mature specifically to be used as an ornamental plant since Dutch explorers 1st brought it to Europe from the New World. Its ability to last for a relatively terribly very long time while not water, and conjointly the undeniable fact that it does not have several pests or diseases that have an effect on it, have contributed to that turning into a regular decorative plant. poisonous plant camara conjointly attracts butterflies and birds and is sometimes used in butterfly gardens.

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