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Flowering Trees

Flowering trees are those which produce a noticeable flower. These flowering trees are used not only for ornamental purpose but also keep our surrounding healthy. Some flowering trees like Ashoka, Gulmohar, Bottle brush not only proved to be excellent ornamentals but also one of the marvelous avenue's trees.Flowering trees are some of the best signs of spring. The aroma and beauty of these flowering trees enrapture one's soul. These flowering trees are perennial plants and bloom every year. Flowering tree like Ashoka tree has many medicinal uses. The bark is used in traditional medicines to cure a number of gynaecological problems.

The pulp of flowers is used as a remedy for dysentery.Flowering tree has aesthetic value and improves the property value of that area. Trees add beauty to their surroundings by adding color to an area, softening harsh lines of buildings, screening unsightly views and contributing to the character of their environment.Trees have also proven to contribute to a community's economy and way of life.