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Dracaena surculosa Aurea, Golddust Dracaena - Plant

Dracaena surculosa Aurea is a member of the Dracaena family (Asparagaceae), a family that provides some of the most durable foliage plants used indoors in offices building, hotels, and malls but also as an everyday house plant.


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Dracaena surculosa Aurea, Golddust Dracaena Plant
6 inch Grower Round Plastic Pot (Black)

Description for Dracaena surculosa Aurea, Golddust Dracaena

Plant height: 5 - 8 inches
Plant spread: 4 - 6 inches

Dracaena surculosa Aurea is a popular indoor plant originally from East Africa that is often used to adorn homes and offices. These are some of the best house plants and make great additions to any home while requiring minimal care. Bright indirect light is best and they will take some morning sun.
Most Dracaena will tolerate lower light levels for some time with reduced watering frequency.

Common name(s): Golddust Dracaena, Spoted-Leaf Dracaena, Japanese Bamboo, and Gold Dust Plant
Flower colours: Green-White
Bloom time: Summer
Max reachable height: 72 - 80 inches
Difficulty to grow: Easy to grow

Planting and care

Dracaena surculosa can be propagated from tip cuttings taken with three or four leaves attached. Insert the tip cuttings in 8cm (3inch) pots filled with a moistened rooting mixture consisting of equal parts peat and sand. Enclose the pots in a plastic bag and keep them in a temperature of 21-24 degrees C in partially shaded positions. Alternatively can be used a heated propagator case. No additional water will be needed for four to six weeks.
After rooting has occurred, remove the pot for plastic bag or propagator and begin to water the new plant moderately, moistening the potting mixture at each watering and allowing the top centimeter (0.4 inches) or so of the mixture to dry out before watering again. When roots appear on the surface of the mixture, move the young plant into a pot one size larger containing the standard potting mixture used for adult plants and treat them as mature Dracaena surculosa.

Sunlight: Bright light.
Soil: Loose, well-drained soil.
Water: Allow the plants to dry between watering, but not completely.
Temperature: 10-26 Degrees C
Fertilizer: Apply any organic fertilizer two times a year.

Caring for Dracaena surculosa Aurea

  • Remove discolored leaves to keep it tidy. Give them an occasional shower on their foliage to remove dust.
  • Trim the old stems is recommended to rejuvenate growth. Prune erect stems when there are one too many at various desired heights (new growth will readily emerge at cut levels) for a lovely aesthetic and ornamental display.
  • Water the plant only when the upper layer of soil becomes dry.
  • Proivide water only to the soil do not water on the foliage.

Typical uses of Dracaena surculosa Aurea

Special features: This plant have bamboo like stem.

Ornamental use: Used as indoor plant in home and offices.