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Dieffenbachia Plants

Dieffenbachia plants are very common and easiest houseplants to grow. It is a perennial herbaceous plant with straight, thick and succulent stem. Leaves are broad, simple and alternate containing white spot and flecks, making it attractive as indoor foliage.

Dieffenbachia plants are shade tolerant plant so it can be placed in area without sunlight. These plants are best indoor plant for bedroom, office or for beside any furniture. When you learn how to care for a dieffenbachia plant, you’ll find it to be adaptable to different kinds of lighting.There are a variety of cultivars available here, most with variegated white and green, cream and green, or all-green leaves that can be speckled, splotched, or loosely striped. Primarily grown for foliage, dieffenbachia rarely flowers, but when it does, the bloom looks a bit like a peace lily.


Dieffenbachia Plant online

Dieffenbachia could be a genus of tropical flowering plants among the liliopsida family. it's native to the New World Tropics from Mexico and additionally the archipelago south to Argentina. Some species are widely cultivated as decorative plants, particularly as houseplants, and have become naturalized on some tropical islands.

Dieffenbachia is also a perennial flora with straight stem, straightforward and alternate leaves containing white spots and flecks, creating it enticing as indoor foliage. Species throughout this genus are widespread as houseplants thanks to their tolerance of shade. The big and showy Dieffenbachia is also the correct living decoration for the house or workplace. Once you learn the thanks to worry for a Dieffenbachia plant, you’ll realize it to be flexible to totally different types of lighting and conditions throughout that you'll not expect a Dieffenbachia plant life to grow.

How to take care of a Dieffenbachia Plant

Issues with Dieffenbachia plants are typically simply overcome in most things. The foremost common drawback with growing dumbcane Dieffenbachia is just an excessive amount of wet. Overwatering {may be|could additionally be|is also} a typical drawback with several plant lifes and also the Dieffenbachia houseplant is not any exception. Plant the dumbcane in an exceedingly} very well-draining soil and water gently, keeping the soil systematically damp, however not soggy. Check the soil to make certain it's dry AN in. down before watering the Dieffenbachia plant.

Other issues with Dieffenbachia plants may even be created by improper lighting. Once growing Dieffenbachia, most varieties do best in an exceedingly} very filtered lightweight state of affairs, wherever bright to moderate lightweight shines through a sheer curtain or alternative filtering window cowl.

Filtered lightweight is particularly vital among the spring and summer, once the Dieffenbachia plant life is manufacturing new, tender leaves that are subject to sunburn if the sunshine is just too bright or shines directly on the plant. Rotate the Dieffenbachia plant life frequently to produce adequate lightweight to any or all facets of the plant and forestall it from reaching toward the sunshine on one side. once growing dumbcane Dieffenbachia of varied cultivars, check lightweight needs for the particular plant. Some Dieffenbachia plants need low filtered lightweight.

Most cultivars do fine with an occasional lightweight environment; but, growth is slower or stops, however the plant can stay healthy and enticing. once growing dumbcane Dieffenbachia, fertilize double a month to encourage growth and a healthy plant. A plant life food high in gas is applied at strength.

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