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Silver Oak, Silk Oak, Grevillea Robusta - Plant

Architectural branches and trunk, tropical look, spectacular blooming show


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Silver Oak, Silk Oak, Grevillea Robusta Plant

Description for Silver Oak, Silk Oak, Grevillea Robusta

Plant height: 16 - 24 inches
Plant spread: 4 - 6 inches

Reaching a height of 75 feet or more with a 25-foot spread. The crown is conical and symmetrical. Its flowers are golden-orange bottle brush-like blooms. A great quantity of leaves fall in the spring immediately preceding the emergence of new growth and leaves also fall sporadically throughout the year.

Common name(s): Grevillea, Silk Oak, Silver oak
Flower colours: Golden orange
Bloom time: May-June.
Max reachable height: 75 feet
Difficulty to grow: Easy to grow

Planting and care

The beautiful Silver Oak tree is native to the Eastern coasts of Australia. It is exotic to the Western Ghats, where it is nevertheless found, particularly in Coorg. It grows in warm humid to warm sub-humid climatic zones. While it occurs naturally along riverbanks and will survive short periods of flooding by moving water.

Sunlight: Full Sun
Soil: well-drained free soil
Water: Medium
Temperature: G. robusta can survive temperatures down to -8 degrees C with little or no damage.
Fertilizer: Apply any organic fertilizer

Caring for Silver Oak

  • The Silver Oak tree is surprisingly, one of the fastest growing trees found in the world, having a life span of 40-45 years on an average.

Typical uses of Silver Oak

Special features: These avenues, interestingly, are also considered to resemble Switzerland, being full of fog early in the morning, without the chocolates available of course!

Culinary use: G. robusta is a common element in agroforestry and forestry applications. The dense, brilliant golden-yellow or orange flower heads, attractive silver, fern-like leaves and symmetrical crown encourage widespread use of the species as an ornamental.

Ornamental use: The plant is used for ornamental purpose.

Medicinal use: folkloric