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Aralia Plants

Aralia plants are the striking, multi-stemmed member of the Araliaceae family, a huge family that consists of more than 70 species. With so many types of aralia from which to choose, you can enjoy this plant in a variety of forms, including deciduous and evergreen shrubs and trees.

Aralia plants are easy-to-grow and popular indoor plant. Their finely cut, divided leaves are ideal for adding softness and texture to indoor spaces. Available in a range of sizes, aralias in smaller pots are ideal for desks and tabletops. Larger plants are excellent indoor trees.Because of the upright shape of tree aralias they are popular for filling empty corners and flanking large pieces of furniture for a formal look. Some of the better-known Aralia plant includes Aralia Green, Aralia Black, Aralia Golden, Dinner Plate Aralia, and Ming Aralia.


Aralia Plant Online

The Aralia, prized for its fancy and finely cut foliage, only looks high-maintenance. It's actually a simple care every green shrub, native to Tropical India. Unlike most plants that branch sideways, the Aralia grows vertically making it ideal to fill empty corners or flank large pieces of furniture. The fragile leaflets add softness and texture to indoor spaces making them popular on desks and tabletops. The luxuriant foliage instantly makes entryways more welcoming. In some Asian cultures the leaves of the Aralia are accustomed to make an anti-inflammatory and an antibacterial ointment.

There are Various Styles of Aralia

1. California spikenard (A. californica) is one of the foremost popular forms of aralias. Also referred to as elk clover, this geographical area native reaches heights and widths of 4 to 10 feet (1-3 m.). This species is marked by its spiky white blooms and long, divided leaves that turn a warm golden-yellow in autumn. California spikenard is suitable for growing in USDA plant hardiness zones 3 through 8.
2. Angelica tree (Aralia elata or Aralia chinensis) also displays long, divided leaves measuring up to three feet (91 cm.). This colorful variety includes species with leaves that are edged in creamy white or gold. Showy white blooms appear in mid to late summer. This plant is suitable for growing in zones 4 through 9.
3. Fatsia japonica (A. sieboldii) is an upright, bushy plant with large, hand-shaped leaves of glossy green. It produces attractive white blooms in fall and winter. This tropical shrub makes a wonderful houseplant, reaching heights and spreads of three to six feet (91 cm.- 1.8 m.). It prefers warmer climates of zones 8 through 10.
4. Devil’s walking stick (A. spinosa) is additionally referred to as Hercules’ club. This variety, which reaches heights of 10 to twenty feet (3-6 m.), is a hardy, tropical-looking plant with spiny stems and umbrellas of giant, spiny leaves. White flowers appear above the leaves in mid to late summer. This deciduous species is suitable for zones 4 through 9.
5. Ming aralia (Polyscias fruticosa) may be a versatile indoor ornamental plant that features approximately six species, all valued for his or her luxurious foliage. This plant can grow to a formidable size of 6 to eight feet, (1.8-2.4 m.) or it is often trimmed to take care of a smaller size. This plant is suitable for outdoors within the warm climates of zones 10 and above.

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