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Aglaonema Plants

The Aglaonema plant is a highly decorative plant with several various beautiful varieties. It is one of the most popular houseplants and the color variations is from dark green to silver, and some with hints of red which can be added to your home's decor.

In the summertime, with proper care, you might get lucky and see small, white or greenish-white spiked flowers appearing in your plants. Aglaonema plant also referred as the Chinese evergreen, and is considered to be a luck-bringer in China. It is native to China and the Philippines. It is easy to care houseplants which are now grown worldwide.

NASA has placed aglaonema on its top ten list of clean air plants because of the plant’s natural ability to cleanse the air around it. Aglaonema plant removes benzene and formaldehyde from air sources, making them safer to breathe. This tropical plant not only cleanses the air, but it lush and colorful looks are stunningly beautiful. We provide different varieties of aglaonema for making your indoor more attractive and fresh.

Aglaonema Plant Online

Aglaonema might be a genus of flowering plants among the liliopsida family, Araceae. They are native to tropical and climatic zone regions of Asia and islands. they are better-known usually as Chinese evergreens. These square measure evergreen perennial herbs with stems growing erect recumbent and crawl. Stems that grow on all-time low might root at the nodes.

There is usually a crown of wide leaf blades that in wild species square measure usually varied with silver and inexperienced coloration. The inflorescence bears sexual flowers throughout the axis, with a short zone of feminine flowers close to all-time low and a wider zone of male flowers nearer the tip.

The fruit could also be a fleshy berry that ripens red. The fruit might be a skinny layer covering one giant seed. Plants of the genus square measure native to wet, shady tropical forest surroundings. genus Aglaonema square measures full-grown as luck-bringing decorative plants in Asia for many years.

They were introduced to the West in 1885, when they were initially delivered to the Royal biology Gardens, Kew. They have been cultivated, hybridized, and bred into an honest array of cultivars. They sleep in low-light conditions and square measure standard houseplants. This in the main tropical genus is known for its intolerance of cold temperatures. Chilling injury will begin at fifteen °C (59 °F).

The injury manifests in dark, greasy-looking patches on the foliage. Cultivars square measure elect for his or her form and size, and notably for the color and pattern of the leaves. several have white or cream-colored stems. Most propagation of genus Aglaonema is completed with cuttings and by dividing the basal shoots.

Care of Aglaonema Plant

Care of the plant involves protecting it from cold temperatures and excessive daylight and removing any inflorescences that develop, which could prolong the lifespan of the plant. It needs wet soil, and whereas some cultivars need atiny low quantity of fertiliser, plants square measure simply hors de combat once over supplemented. genus Aglaonema square measure vulnerable to false mites (Brevipalpus californicus). They're going to additionally acquire populations of nematodes, like root-knot nematodes and Pratylenchus species, that cause root lesions.

Pathogens embody the plant life Myrothecium roridum and microorganism like genus Pseudomonas cichorii,Erwinia chrysanthemi, and bacteria genus campestris, which could all cause leaf spot. Colletotrichum fungi will cause anthracnose.

Aglaonema Indoor Plant

Aglaonemas square measures slow-growing, attractive, and builds wonderful foliage plants. They have giant, narrow, and shiny oval leaves on short stems.Better of all, it doesn 't like full sun, therefore it's good for inside, particularly if window light-weight might be a trade goods in your home.

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