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Adenium Plants

Adenium is a genus of flowering plants in the family, Apocynaceae, usually growing up to 4 metres tall, occasionally to 6 metres.Adeniums are appreciated for their colorful flowers, but also for their unusual, thick caudices. They can be grown for many years in a pot.

If you like dramatically gorgeous plants requiring very little in the way of care, you cannot go wrong with Adenium – the most common Desert Rose plant.The motto for Adeniums is: less water, more sunlight and by its nature, it grows like a Bonsai tree.Carefree succulent boasts an unusual trunk (caudex) shape coupled with bunches of beautiful, colorful, trumpet-shaped flowers in a wide variety of colors and color combinations.It’s not really a fragrant species but is extremely flexible, both in terms of growing as well as floral varieties. Through grafting, virtually a large number of petal shades can be developed.Adenium can be used in landscape or grown as container plants.This plant grows well outdoor but in young stages, it can be grown indoor but it should be bright (indirect sunlight).

Adenium Plant Online

Adenium is a flowering plant within the family Apocynaceae, 1st represented as a genus in 1819. It's native to Africa and therefore the peninsula.

Cultivation and Uses

Adenium obesum is adult as a flora in temperate regions. varied hybrids are developed. Adeniums are appreciated for his or her colourful flowers, however conjointly for his or her uncommon, thick caudices. they'll be adults for several years in an exceedingly pot and are ordinarily used for trees.

Seed-grown plants aren't genetically just like the mother plant, fascinating varieties are ordinarily propagated by attachment. Genetically identical plants also can be propagated by cutting. However, cutting-grown plants don't tend to develop a fascinating thick caudex as quickly as seed-grown plants.

There are almost 12 species of Adenium Plant in the world.

Adenium obesum is additionally referred to as the desert rose. within the Philippines, because of its likeness to the connected magnoliopsida genus, and also the indisputable fact that it had been introduced to the Philippines from the capital of Thailand, Thailand, the plant is additionally known as the capital of Thailand kalachuchi.

The various genus Adenium species square measure succulent plants which will be full-grown in our climate, either inside or outside. They turn out flowers that square measure actually spectacular for instrumentality full-grown plants. They are, however, sensitive to weather and it's the norm to maneuver the plants getting ready to accommodate their wants. In their native home ground, adeniums grow fully sun in order that they want smart lightweight to thrive.

Direct daylight is desirable, particularly once they square measure in their active growth part throughout the summer months. Water needs Soil wet is a vital thought in genus Adenium culture.
Fill a medium-size planting pot with a combination of 2 components sand, 2 components bog moss and one half perlite. Place the cut finish of the genus Adenium cutting regarding two inches (5 cm) deep within the soil medium. Water the genus Adenium cuttings each 3 days.

The cutting ought to settle down in 2 to 6 weeks. It is Associate in Nursing evergreen or drought-deciduous succulent bush (which can even lose its leaves throughout cold spells, or consistent with the race or cultivar). It will grow to 1–3 m (3.3–9.8 ft) tall, with pachycaul stems and a stout, swollen basal caudex.

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